Waste Vegetable Oil

Are you looking for someone to help dispose of your waste vegetable oil?

Earth First Fuels will provide you with containers to store your WVO and collect it on a schedule that meets your needs.


Oil Suppliers

Are you an oil supplier looking for a product to enhance your porfolio with an green option.

Biodiesel can be safety mixed with petroleum heating oil and diesel fuel in any ratio and may even reduce the wearing and maintenance needs of your equipment.


Do you provide services for the biodiesel industry?

We are seeking to form relationships with suppliers and business service providers as we prepare to scale up production.


Earth First Fuels

Earth First Fuels is a producer of biodiesel based in Parsippany and serving northern NJ. We are currently in pre-sales development. During this time, we are perfecting our processes and preparing to scale up production as we seek to move forward.


What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is the original fuel used to power Rudolf Diesel's engine in 1893. The discovery of cheap petroleum sources made fuel produced from renewable sources less practical. Today, as oil resources become more scarce and increasingly more dangerous to obtain renewable sources are practical alternatives once again.


Biodiesel burns much cleaner than petroleum diesel and in many ways can make your engines run better. Biodiesel has better viscosity than petroleum so it reduces the wear on your engine. Second, biodiesel also serves as a good solvent of debris in the engine helping your fuel filter to clean the equipment on the inside. Want more? Users can realize the benefits of biodiesel without any modification to their equipment and without negative impacts to their performance. Biodiesel can also be used interchangeably with petroleum, you can even mix them together in any ratio. No need to worry about which fuel you used last, or what mixture is in the engine.  


Earth First Fuels doesn't just look at renewable sources by taking "virgin" or never used oils. While virgin oils can make wonderful biodiesel, Earth First Fuels is seeking to use waste vegetable oil (WVO) so it can be recycled in a productive way. As an added benefit we can rest assured we are not using up extra farm land which would otherwise go towards the production of food and other vital produce.


Earth First Fuels recognises we need energy, but if we destroy the earth in the process what's the point.

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